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Fabric Scraps: 50+ Project Ideas for Remnants

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Ways to store, use and recycle fabric scraps and remnants!

50+ Easy project ideas for fabric scraps, how to store remnants, and what to do with the scraps you don’t need.

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Scraps. If you sew, you have them. You might even have a LOT of them like I do. I have a storage system and plans for most of my scrap fabric, and being organized is the best way to keep them from taking over your sewing room.

What Scraps Should I Keep or Throw Away?

My policy is that if they’re small enough to somewhat fall apart in my hands, they get tossed. Longer strips of knit fabric, even selvage, can be used for drawstrings. If a piece of cotton is the size of my hand, I save it.

If the fabric is ANY workable size for a project AND it’s a custom fabric, then I keep it.

I keep small pieces of plain knits for use as waistbands, neckbands, etc.

Sometimes I keep pieces of fabric from old clothing, such as jeans and pretty shirts.

Storing Scrap Fabric

I have two methods for storing scraps.


I use some IKEA storage bins for my scrap storage- they’ve had a couple different types that seem to be the same. The ones I used were Antonius, but they seem to have some called Jonaxel now. I use these bins to double as an ironing station too.

For the scraps, I usually stuff them in one of the drawers. Eventually I’d like to organize these by scrap type, but currently everything is thrown in there together.

Paper Bag

I also keep a small paper bag by my cutting table. Small scraps that I don’t think I’ll use go in the bag. When it’s full, I see if there are any preschools or such that would like the scraps. I use a lot of cute children’s fabric so I hope the scraps are helpful to them!

Other Methods

A friend of mine uses plastic baggies and organizes them by type and color. This is a great option if you’re a quilter! I may eventually try this method because it would make things a lot easier to find when I need them.

Scrap Fabric Projects

Scrap Fabric Projects

Scrap fabric projects that will help you de-stash the excess fabric trimmings in your sewing room! This is a great way to get organized. Don't forget- you can do ANY project with scraps if you're willing to sew the scraps together patchwork-style to make a larger piece of fabric.

Doggy Bag Dispensers

Make tiny doggy bag dispensers.

Cloth Diaper Liners

Save fleece scraps to make simple cloth diaper liners. Knits like cotton lycra may work as well!

Bias Tape

Make some easy bias tape using long strips of fabric.


If you have a large enough square of fabric and it seems like it'd be comfy to blow your nose on, finish the edges to make simple handkerchiefs.

Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Make beeswax sandwich wraps with squares of cotton fabric.

Eye Pillows

Eye pillows don't use a lot of fabric and they'd be good for a small project idea.


Make some socks with those fabric scraps. Big scraps for the big kids and little ones for the baby.

Other Uses for Fabric Trimmings & Scraps

Sell Them

You may be able to sell larger scraps in bundles to people who quilt or like to do small projects, particularly if you have a lot of custom fabric scraps or solid color scraps.


Sometimes local schools or preschools may take the scraps for crafts.


Try giving away bags of scraps on Freecycle. I usually keep a large paper bag around to toss all of my scraps in.

Use for Stuffing

Use them to stuff an item you are making, such as the floor pillows that I made my oldest son when he was a baby or the yoga bolster that I made for myself.

Give Them to Kids

These are fun for the kids to use for their own mini sewing projects or for them to glue to paper (like magazine scraps) to create unique projects.

Use Them for Applique or Bands

Small scraps are perfect for applique or, if they’re knits, to save for waistbands, neckbands, and the like.

What’s your favorite project to make or thing to do with scraps? Leave me a comment below!

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50+ Best Ways to Use Fabric Scraps: How to use, sell, and donate those excess fabric remnants!

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