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How to Make a Denim Kerchief with Upcycled Jeans

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How to make an easy denim kerchief using upcycled pants.

How to make a denim kerchief. This easy project is a great use of upcycled jeans.

As part of my jean upcycle series, I decided to make a simple denim kerchief. I used denim fabric leftover from some jeans I cut up, as well as the bottoms of some dress pants as well. This was such a simple, yet satisfying project and only took a few minutes.

My other projects in this series include: a skirt with a jean top and knit bottompurse, a patchwork knee length skirt, and a bracelet.

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How to Make a Denim Kerchief

Supplies for a Denim Kerchief

  • Old jeans
  • Coordinating fabric
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Pins


I took a bandanna that I currently use to make the new one. I decided to just cut it to the same size as I didn’t need a seam allowance (decided not to turn and topstitch). You don’t need to finish the edges on jean fabric as it won’t fray too badly– and what does fray would certainly be considered ‘in style.’

Here’s the old bandanna being used as a template for my kerchief. I use these a lot to keep my hair back under my horseback riding helmet.

Using an old bandanna as a template for the denim kerchief.

I had a leftover hem from the dress pants. The rest of the dress pants were used for my knee length skirt mentioned above.

I decided to just cut off the edges, but you can also just seam rip.

I opened it up and slid it over the top of my bandana, folding over the edges so there was no raw edge showing. Pin in place.

I cut two pieces of ribbon for the ties. I tucked one in between each end.

Edge of kerchief pinned in place.

I topstitched the hem and ribbon in place.

I don’t think jean would fray too bad, but I decided to finish the raw edges with a zigzag stitch, just in case.

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How to make a denim kerchief with upcycled pants. Such an easy project!

How to make a kerchief

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