How to Make a Ghostbuster’s Inspired Ghost Trap

How to Make Your Own Ghostbuster’s Inspired Muon or Ghost Trap. My sons are 2 and 4 years old, but we showed them the old Ghostbusters movie and they are OBSESSED with pretending to be Ghostbusters, They use nerf guns to pretend to get ghosts and they strap on backpacks and it’s super cute. We … Read more

Children’s Pretend Play Dog Collar

How to make a pretend play dog collar for a child. This was quick and easy to sew as a Christmas gift for my son who is obsessed with our dog’s collar. My 4 year old son is obsessed with our dog’s collar. He keeps removing it and trying to put it on himself. I … Read more

All Aboard: Train Play

My in-laws picked up this great Thomas train toy for Gs 2nd birthday and he loves it. It wasn’t until recently though that he found a way to incorporate make believe play with it. Now it seems to hold his attention even better. This is such a cool toy and it takes up a bit … Read more

For the Toy Kitchen and Shopping Center: Upcycle

Last month, I posted about the play shopping center/store that we made for the kids. G has been loving it. We play store pretty much every single day. I keep adding new items to the store and I don’t really want to drop a ton of money on play food so I’ve been using real … Read more

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