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Farmer Yumi Costume from Paw Patrol

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How to make an easy Farmer Yumi costume from Paw Patrol for Halloween.

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This Halloween I wanted to do a Paw Patrol themed Trunk for two Trunk or Treat events. I sold my Everest costume a couple of years ago because I thought my kids were outgrowing Paw Patrol… then we had another baby.

My youngest is going as Ryder from Paw Patrol and I made him a long sleeve version of our original sleeveless Ryder Paw Patrol vest costume. This coat will work as a coat for him during the Fall/Spring too!

With no time to sew a costume again, I whipped up this quick and easy Farmer Yumi costume with some items I had at home, plus a quick stop at the thrift store.

Costume Supplies


I didn’t own any overalls so my husband stopped by our local thrift store quick. He found some that BARELY fit me— but they worked!

Greenish/Lime Tee-Shirt

She also appears to have a greenish or lime green teeshirt in the movies so I found a shirt from my MOPS group that was the perfect color. The logo isn’t ideal but the overalls covered it somewhat.

Straw Hat

I wish I had a better straw hat but this old hat seemed to do the trick!

Other Accessories

Farmer Yumi is 100% me except more legit. Brown hair? Check! Brown eyes? Check! Goats? Check! I’d totally get into some goat yoga too.

Briefly considered putting a diaper on our goat Timmy and bringing him and a yoga mat to complete the costume, but I thought live animals might be frowned upon at a trunk or treat event.

Plus I already had three animals (children, animals… same same) to watch so I didn’t want to deal with the goat getting into candy.

Threw on some muck boots because I didn’t take the time to see if I could find out what she wears for boots. These are my Sloggers with pigs flying on them… they’re funny.

Farmer Yumi, Ryder, and a Paw Patrol trunk for Trunk or Treat.

Ryder wasn’t happy about photos… he just wanted candy y’all.

Farmer Yumi Costume with son in Ryder vest.

My husband said I wouldn’t be recognizable, but the people whose kids watched Paw Patrol knew who I was!

What do you think? Did the costume do the trick? Make sure to check out these other fun Paw Patrol costume ideas. And here are some Halloween Costumes with Jeans!

DIY Farmer Yumi costume made with a bunch of easy to find clothing items...

Sharing is caring!