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Toy Car Roll: Video and Photo Tutorial

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How to make a toy car roll using only one cut of fabric and some coordinating ribbon. Easy project for sewing beginners!

I decided to make a car roll for a birthday gift… I bought a couple of cars to put in it as well. This is a very easy project and the best part is the very minimal cutting. You only need one cut of fabric. I may make one or two more of these because even though my son has the toy car carrier that I made him before, this would fold up a bit smaller in my purse and hold more cars which is nice.  Plus it’s easier to make!


  • One cut of fabric: 16″ x 32″
  • Coordinating Ribbon
  • And all your normal sewing stuff

This ended up holding eleven cars and tying together nicely once rolled up. It looked like the cars would stay in there nicely so you wouldn’t have to worry about them falling out.

I usually carry my son’s toy car carrier in my purse so I think this would work well to keep things as small as possible. Toy cars are an awesome toy to bring with you for times when your child needs something to distract them… they’re cheap so it’s no big deal if they get lost, they’re not too heavy to carry around, and kids love them. 

Video Tutorial

I’m offering both a video and photo tutorial, but I’ve found I tend to video more and photograph the process less when I try to do both so video may be easier to follow.

Photo Tutorial

1. Iron fabric.
2. Cut fabric to 16 x 32″
3. Finish all edges, starting with the shorter sides first. I ironed over 1/2″, then another 1/2″… Then I sewed down.

4. You’re going to fold the fabric from bottom up part way, then fold top of fabric down over it… So you are folding pocket for the cars, then a top to cover it. I ironed it that way. Sandwich your two ribbons in the one pocket’s side. Then stitched down both the pocket sides and I also stitched across the fold. 

Here’s a picture of the fold for the bottom pocket.
Then you just fold the top of the fabric over that.

5. Now stitch individual car sized pockets on the big pocket… I did this every 2.5″… at the end I had a couple that were slightly larger.

Final Product

Full of cars
Empty, but finished product.

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