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DIY Christmas Tree Angel

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Easy craft to make an angel for a Christmas tree topper.

How to make an angel for your Christmas tree with upcycled materials using a small scrap of fabric from a wedding dress.

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When we got our Christmas tree this year, I remembered that we didn’t have an angel or star to put on the top. While I could have run to the store, I decided that I had the perfect items to use to make my own. This was made with mostly upcycled items, as well as leftover items from other projects.

The beautiful fabric is actually small scraps from old wedding dresses that we upcycled into angel gowns to donate to a local hospital. I still have remnants that were too small for making another gown, but I didn’t want to throw away.


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How to Make a Christmas Tree Angel

Collect all of your supplies… that cone? It’s an empty thread cone from my serger.  

Supplies for DIY Christmas tree angel.

I started by taking some white thick cardboard and cut out a wing shape.

Thick cardboard cut for a Christmas tree angel.

I cut out a little dress shape from the upcycled wedding gown pieces.

Cut of fabric to make into a dress for the tree angel.

I used my glue gun to attach the “dress.”

Gluing the dress onto the angel.

 I folded over the edge on the back before gluing it down. No raw edges.

Creating a dress for the angel using an upcycled wedding dress.

I did discover that my bulb ends wouldn’t fit inside the top of the serger cone so I carved the inner piece out.

Carving the inside of an upcycled serger cone to make the bulb fit.

Once I did that, the bulb fit inside perfectly.

I put some white acrylic paint inside the clear bulbs and shook it. I let it dry.

Making a clear Christmas bulb white.

While that dried, I added fur to my wings.

Adding fur to the cardboard cutout for the angel's wings.

I trimmed up the edges so they’re in the shape of wings. I left the middle empty for my angel to get glued on.

Creating the wings for the angel... trim the fur.

Next I glued my wings on.

Gluing on the wings for the angel.

 I took a little lace and glue it around the neck of the angel.

Adding the bulb for the head of the angel.

Once that was done, I glued my bulb inside the head. The eyes are a doll face design from Cricut Design Space. I used transfer paper to apply them to my bulb.   And it’s done! It fit well on the top of the tree too. I’m kind of excited that I found a use for the empty serger cones too.  

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Sharing is caring!