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How to Sew a Soap Bag

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Soap inside a soap bag.

How to sew a soap bag to hold your soap and lather up with in the shower or bath. This is a great item for children who can’t hold onto the soap well and it keeps soap from going down the drain. 

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When you have little children and you want them to use the soap, you start to get creative about how you entice them to love the soap. We have made felt soap which is a favorite, but it doesn’t solve completely solve the problem of kids dropping the soap over and over during their bath or shower.

The perfect solution for dropped soap is a soap bag with a small strap. The kids can hold onto it more easily and if you add a fun fabric, they can keep their own bar of soap in the soap pouch to use every shower. No need to share. Use the strap to hang the pouch to dry between uses. Once the soap is completely gone, you can throw the soap bag through the wash before refilling it with more soap.

This is also an ecofriendly way to keep from wasting the little slivers of soap left from the bar.

What do I even call these though? Soap bags? Soap pouches? Soap sacks? When I made them early on in blogging, I called the soap holders. The images, yikes. My photography has gotten a lot better. LOL.

Supplies Supplies listed below may include affiliate links to the products.

  • Old towels to cut up or towel fabric
  • Fun cotton or other type of fabric for the top
  • Ribbon or elastic: I’m using scrap fold over elastic (FOE) because it was the perfect size for this.
  • Optional: Snaps and snap pliers

How to Sew a Soap Pouch

Cut your towel fabric in a rectangle shape. I cut three to make three soap bags. Mine are 5×6″.

Fabric for the DIY soap holders.

Next you need to cut two pieces of your top fabric. Mine are both 5×4″.

Finish the edges of the top fabric. These sides are the two that overlap so you can slip your soap inside. I turned the edges over twice, pressed, and sewed a straight seam.

Finish one edge on each cotton fabric piece so they won't fray.

Face your towel fabric right sides up. Fold a piece of ribbon, elastic, or FOE and place that on top. Place your two cuts of cotton fabric right sides down on top of this. The two cuts of cotton should overlap- I didn’t overlap mine much, but if you want to skip the snaps, then you’ll want to overlap them more.

Sewing fabric for soap bags right sides together.

Sew all the way around.

Turn your pouch right sides out through the big opening (where the cotton fabrics crossover).

Top stitch if desired.

Add snaps if desired.

Soap holders with snap closure.

Using these is super easy… I recommend using the side with the towel fabric because it will lather nicely.

Video Instructions on How to Sew a Soap Bag

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DIY Soap Bags

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Friday 11th of November 2022

I love your soap holder I have made a few now. Keep up the great ideas. Cath

Danielle Pientka

Saturday 12th of November 2022

I'm glad you like them! I have recently gotten hyperfixated on felted soap and I have been posting pics on my IG channel @doityourselfdanielle. I had wet felted soap before but now I've been dry felting on top of the wet felted soap. I'm obsessed, at least for the week- haha. It's so fun having custom soap.

Christine Cortese

Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Hi Danielle, I love this idea! I would like to ask for your permission to make these for a shop I'm associated with. Thank you so much! Chris Cortese HC Collaborating