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Reupholstering Arms on Office Chair

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I decided to fix the arms on our office chair because they’ve been driving me nuts. Previously I made these chair arm covers which work decent, but after seeing some nice reupholstered office chairs on Pinterest I decided to give this a try with my new fabric. I may not do the whole chair depending on how things look when I try to take it apart, but I wanted to do the arms at least.

Here’s what my cats did to the chair and the whole chair pre-fix.

This is where the arms unscrew. I just took the arms off and then got to work on removing as many staples as I could with my staple remover and some pliers. It was INTENSE. These did not want to come off at ALL. I ended up cutting away a lot of the fabric which sometimes gave me enough of a gap to squeeze the staple remover in there. The foam padding they used was super disgusting and really fell apart on me… I feel like I inhaled some of it. Super gross. I need another shower.

Here’s the arm after I got a lot of the staples out and the fabric off. On the right, I cut a big piece of foam for the arms and some fabric, and wrapped the fabric around it all, stapling it in place. I made sure to pull the fabric tight so there wasn’t any lumpy uneven areas.

I wasn’t able to staple it quite as well as the manufacturer did (gr), but my staple gun is pretty cheap and flimsy and it didn’t seem to make a huge difference. Once I screwed the arms on, it was all fine. I really like how it came out. Now I just need to see if I can brave doing the whole chair (wince)!

Sharing is caring!