DIY Wall Art: No Sew

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Easy cheap wall art

How to create beautiful artwork for your home, using just a staple gun, fabric, and a blank art canvas.

I needed art to stage my condo for resale, but couldn’t really afford to buy the amount of art necessary to do a good job. I thought about painting canvases myself, but I wasn’t confident in my painting skills and I didn’t want to buy all the supplies to just have it all suck. I saw a tip online to use fabric in frames or on a canvas and started going through my gorgeous fabric collection- I thought “Yay, I can do this! I love fabric!”

I went to my local craft store where I was able to get a 2 pack of 16×20″ blank Art Canvas (affiliate link) for $7.99 on sale. I bought a light duty staple gun for $7.99 as well, and some extra staples. I had some fabric to use, but I found some great fabric in the remnants bin too… It is home decor fabric and it was enough to cover 2 of the canvases. $14.

All I did was iron the fabric and pull it tight over the canvas, stapling it to the back. I folded the corners carefully so they wouldn’t stick out.

Place on your canvas.
Staple tight.
Fold the corners nice before stapling them.
Done. I did double fold some of my fabric just to keep little fraying pieces from  sticking out.

What I love most about this project is that I can showcase some gorgeous fabric on my walls. It’s hard sometimes to find the “right” project for your fabric so this works for me. And if I decide I’d like to use it, I can remove the staples, take the fabric off to wash, and replace the fabric with something new. I upcycled a couple smaller 8×10 canvases with pictures from last Christmas to cover with fabric too… I can remove the fabric if I want to show the picture again, but it allowed me to use the canvas instead of needing to find somewhere to store it until we sell. The only thing is that your fabric needs to be thick enough or dark enough that the photo won’t show through.

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Easy wall art using canvas and fabric.

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  1. Cool! I know you probably don't want anything else to add to your collection at the moment, but there is some really different fabric here that you might enjoy. If you want some just let me know what colors you like!

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