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Free Coffee Cozy Pattern! Learn how to make a DIY Coffee Cup Sleeve

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Learn to Make a Coffee Cozy

How to make a reusable coffee cup sleeve with a snap closure. This easy free pattern will help you make some easy gifts for the holidays!

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I was considering what to do for a cute and easy sewing gift, and decided a coffee cozy would be PERFECT. They’re simple to make, even for a beginner, and don’t take a lot of fabric.

For mine, I used a snap to close it, but you could also use a button. I like that they are a great way to protect your hands when you have a hot cup without using a disposable cardboard cozy.

Supplies to Make a Coffee Sleeve

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How to Make a Coffee Cozy

Learn how to sew a coffee cozy in this video or scroll below for a photo tutorial.

Step 1: Cut two layers of flannel in the shape of your pattern.


Fabric for mug cozy pattern. Make sure to lay them right sides together when you're cutting them out.

Step 2: Face right sides together. Pin.

Step 3: Sew around, leaving an area to turn and top stitch.

Sew around your coffee cozy, leaving a spot to turn and topstitch.

Step 4: Turn. Iron.

Iron your mug cozy before top stitching.

Step 5: Top stitch.

Top stitch the coffee cozy for a finished look.

Step 6: Add snap. This is a post about how to install snaps if you’re not familiar with the process.

An awl being used to create a hole where the snap will go.

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How to sew a mug cozy. These are great gifts.


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