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How to Sew a Standard Pillowcase

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Sew a Quick and Easy Pillowcase.

How to sew a standard pillowcase as a fun gift idea.

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I really like gift ideas that people can USE (if you can’t tell). As a result I LOVE the idea of sewing a custom pillowcase. Last year, I made my mother-in-law a Maleficent pillowcase for Christmas. It was fun to sew her something that she could use with fabric she’d love. You can get creative with this. Depending on the season, you may want to use fleece/flannel (cold weather) or knit/silk (summer).

I think kids in particular appreciate this, but I ADORE my Doctor Who pillowcase. You probably know which friends and family would like this gift idea most!

Supplies for a Standard Pillowcase

  • Fabric: For a standard pillowcase, my cut of fabric was 36″ long and 20″ tall. You need two cuts if you do it like that. For one of my pillowcases, I just folded the fabric right sides together and cut 36″x20″ (making the fabric 36″x40″ unfolded)
  • Sewing machine and/or serger, all of the typical sewing supplies.

How to Sew a Standard Pillowcase

This is such an easy project and it’s fun for the kids to have their own custom pillowcase.

DIY Pillowcases make great gifts!

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