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Easy Concrete Planters

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Quick and Easy Concrete Planters

How to make a planter out of concrete and a silicone mold. This video tutorial will also show you how to make your own mold out of a Solo Cup.

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The products used in this post were supplied by Buddy’s Artisan Mix. The company still sells their mix and some pigments, but it looks like they stopped selling the molds.  

I love to give the gift of gardening. I absolutely love flowers and, in particular, plants that produce an edible product. And pretty planters are always nice for the windowsill or for starting new seedlings for Spring. Today I’m going to show you how I made some small planters with Buddy’s Artisan Mix which is a brand of concrete. They came out so cute. I made a similar product, a Candle Holder, using Buddy’s Artisan Mix as well.

Want to make a glass planter instead? Check out my upcycled wine bottle planter.


  • Red Oxide Coloring
  • Yellow Glaze
  • Something to stir your mix with
  • Something to stir your mix in
  • Water
  • Crafting Apron to protect your clothes
  • Silicone Mold Method
    • Please see list of silicone mold options below.
  • Solo Cup Method
    • Balloons
    • Tape
Supplies for dyeing concrete.

Unfortunately, the company that makes the products that I used sold their business. Here are some possible alternative products that you can buy on Amazon to use:

Silicone Molds On Amazon

Here are some silicone molds available on Amazon that might be comparable to what I used. There’s a huge variety of fun molds that you can try out.

How to Make a Concrete Planter

This concrete mix and the silicone molds make the project pretty simple. I used solo cups for mixing the concrete.

Mixing small amounts of concrete for a silicone mold.

You can add the oxide coloring to the mixture, then pour it into the silicone mold to let it harder.

Dried concrete planters being removed from a silicone mold

Alternatively, you can add glaze like the photo below.

Painting glaze on concrete planter.

Here’s some blue that I mixed. You can add more or less of the powder to get different shades of the color.

Mixing concrete for use in a silicone mold.

For two of these planters though, I used solo cups to create my old molds… it was fun and I like how they look! All I had to do is mix up my concrete mix, add any coloring that I wanted, and pour it into my mold.

For my mold, I took the Solo Cup and added a balloon to the middle so the concrete would need to mold around it. Once it all dried, I was able to pop the balloons and pull them out. Then I just ripped the cup off. Just make sure the balloon or whatever you use in the middle is centered or else you may have it come out uneven.

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Quick DIY Planters

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How to make concrete planters.

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