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DIY Wine Bottle Planter with Thyme

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If you have some extra Thyme on your hands, make these easy teacher gifts from an upcycled wine bottle!

These adorable wine planters are awesome gifts for teachers and can be made from upcycled wine bottles. They’re simple, useful, affordable, and eco friendly.  

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I wanted a cute idea for a teachers’ gift for this year. My sons are both in preschool and I LOVE their school. I decided to make their teachers wine bottle plant waterers. These were fun and easy to make!


How to Make Wine Bottle Plant Waterers

Clean and remove the labels on your wine bottles. Once done, you need to cut your wine bottles. Check out my tutorial for easy wine bottle cutting.

Cut wine bottle for a planter.

Sand the edges of the bottle. This is fairly simple and works very well. I tried adding tape around the tops on top of sanding, but it was overkill and unnecessary. And hard to do. And ugly. 

Print your design on 651. This vinyl will stick permanently which I like for projects such as this. If you want it to be easy to remove, use 631.


Use transfer paper to add your Silhouette design. 

I added beads to the bottom of my wine bottle, then flipped the top upside down to place inside the bottom. You can transfer your plant to your planter now. Make sure to water it! I fluffed my thyme plant up nicely because some of it was tangled in on itself.


And boy does it smell heavenly!

Upcycled wine bottle turned planter!
A couple of tips: I recommend just doing one image on each bottle. I did one on the back and one on the front. Which seemed cool, but I wasn’t digging how you could see through to the image on the opposite side. Maybe if I wasn’t a blogger taking photos, I wouldn’t have noticed, but alas…


I intended to attach a chalkboard marker with a string to this, but then forgot the markers when we left for school. Because I was late due to crafting… of course. But this would be a cute idea for someone more organized than I am! 

Upcycled wine bottle craft for an easy gift!
The best part about the teachers’ gifts is that the kids got to help! They were so proud to bring the gifts into their teachers and say they made them! While we planted, we talked about how to plant herbs, what roots are, and we got to play in the soil. Winning all around. Here the boys are helping me photograph the project… they held the backdrop for me. They LOVE helping.
Upcycled Wine Bottles to Planters

Wine Planter

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