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How to Make a Cutting Board

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DIY Cutting Board Instructions

How to make a cutting board easily with wood and Tung Oil.

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The tung oil in this post was provided by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of neat cutting boards recently and it had me intrigued. We own some pretty plain plastic ones and the nice ones are SO much better to photograph food on. Blogger problems: My cutting board is ugly!

Also, plastic isn’t environmentally friendly and cut marks in your plastic cutting boards can give bacteria a place to grow. Wood is the preferred choice, with bamboo coming in second.

Needless to say, a lot of the cutting boards are very complicated to make and use multiple types of wood. I’m not skilled enough for that yet.

They came out great. They’re not quite as fancy, but they are still a HUGE improvement over my current cutting boards. These would make amazing gifts! I would definitely use a different wood next time.


How to Make a Simple Cutting Board

Start by sanding your board.

Once you’ve done that really well, you can use your printer to print out what you want your cutting board to say. Tape that piece of paper over your cutting board. Use a pen to press down hard to trace the words onto the wood. This just creates a small indentation.

Tracing words onto cutting board to burn.


Trace over images.

Now you can use your wood burner to trace the words again and deepen the grooves.

Once finished, dust off your board. Then you can wipe on your tung oil. You’ll want a few layers, letting them dry in between.

Using tung oil on a cutting board.

When your cutting board gets worn, you can sand off the cut marks, then reapply your tung oil.

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DIY Cutting Board

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