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DIY Essential Oil Storage Box

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How to Make an Essential Oil Storage Box

How to Make an Essential Oil Storage Box. This easy to make container is perfect for an EO enthusiast.

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Essential oils have really taken off. I know many people use them medicinally and others use them purely for enjoyment. I think they are GREAT in a diffuser for making my house smell amazing.

But I think it’s easy to end up with SO MANY oils and no where to put them. Keeping them stored safely is important so they won’t break and are easily found. I decided to put together a quick tutorial on how to make an essential oil storage box. These would make great gifts too for a friend who loves oils.


  • Wood box (I measured my tallest bottles, then checked out the wood boxes at the craft store)
  • Small wood pieces to use for dividers.
  • Something to cut the wood with.
  • Paint
  • Optional: Silhouette Machine (or Cricut) with 651 Vinyl (permanent adhesive)
  • Alternatively: Purchase an essential oil storage box, then decorate it.

How to Make an Essential Oil Storage Box

Check out this simple video or skip below to the photo tutorial.

The small box is perfect for holding essential oils, but it needed dividers.

This empty box is perfect for essential oils but needs some dividers.

Cut a thin piece of wood for a divider.

Cut a thin piece of wood for the length of the box.

Now you need to cut some smaller pieces for the opposite direction. You can place them and situate your essential oil bottles, then mark where they’ll go. Remove the divider pieces from the box.

Small divider pieces for the essential oil storage box.

Use glue to attach the divider pieces where you marked.

Use glue to hold the pieces of wood in place. Let dry.

Paint the divider, as well as the box.

Paint the inner dividers of the essential oil storage box.

Then add a label for the front, if desired.

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DIY Essential Oil Storage Container

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