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How to Make Freezer Paper T-Shirt Stencils

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Stencils using Silhouette and Freezer Paper

How to make a t-shirt using your Silhouette machine and a freezer paper transfer.

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Today my friend Sara is joining me to show you how to make these cute t-shirts using freezer paper and a Silhouette Cameo 2. These are simple and fun to make. You could easily do this with a Cricut machine as well, but you’d need to use different settings as the two cutting machines differ in how their settings are inputted.

Supplies for Freezer Paper Shirts

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Easy Freezer Paper Tee-Shirt Transfers

Using freezer paper as a stencil is a great way to customize a shirt.


Step 1: Load your cut mat. Do a test cut on the ‘copy paper’ setting. Ratchet is at a 2, Speed is at 10, Thickness is a 15. If test cut comes out well, this is what you want to use for your settings (it’s what worked for us).


Step 2: Load the cut mat back into the Silhouette machine and use the same settings to cut your shirt design.

Step 3: Very carefully peel off your freezer paper. A less sticky mat is ideal for this so your freezer paper doesn’t rip when you remove it. Make sure to remove the center of your A’s, O’s etc. so you can add them to your stencil. It’s a bit tedious.

Freezer paper stencil made with a Cricut machine. FIT (ISH): A person who loves the idea of being fit, but also loves food.

Step 4: Iron on the main stencil. Once you’re done that, you can add all of the centers for your letters (the inside of the Os, etc). Press those as well.

Ironing on freezer paper stencil to a shirt.

Step 5: Use your sponge paint brush to dab on paint. You may want to do a couple of layers of thinner paint rather than using a lot of paint in the first go.

Painting with fabric paint over a freezer paper stencil.

Step 6: Once dry, you’ll remove your stencil, include the centers from your letters. Tweezers work well for the space pieces.

Tweezers to remove small pieces of the freezer paper stencil from the tshirt.


I had to do some research for this post. This post was inspired by the following blog posts: Silhouette School Freezer Paper Stencils.

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T-Shirt Stencils Using Freezer Paper and Silhouette Machine

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