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DIY Mint Extract: An Easy Gift from the Garden

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Simple ingredients for making mint extract.

How to make DIY mint extract using mint from your garden. Mint extract makes a great gift. It’s easy to make and it’s something your friends and family will love to have in their kitchen. 

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When I was working on a list of ideas for my grab & go gift tutorials, I wanted to add some great cooking recipes. Extracts just made sense. They’re easy to make and they’re useful to have in the kitchen. The best part is that they made use of the mint plants that have gone nuts in my garden! And boy… I LOVE the smell.

I’ve made other extracts before and store bought can’t hold a candle to the homemade product. Homemade IS better.

How to Make Mint Extract

Supplies for DIY Mint Extract

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Tutorial for DIY Mint Extract

Watch the video tutorial for DIY Mint Extract below or skip to the photo tutorial under it!


This is easy to make. Get your mint leaves from your garden. Clean and dry them.


Shove crushed leaves into each bottle.

To make mint extract, shove fresh washed leaves in a bottle.

Top with vodka, using a funnel to add it to each bottle.

Use a funnel to add vodka to your bottles.


Label and then let sit. It is helpful to shake daily, but I’m not sure it’s truly necessary.

Add labels to your bottles of DIY Mint Extract.

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Learn how to make mint extract.

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