How to Make an Easy Fabric and Wood Cross

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Make Fabric Crosses on Painted or Stained Wood

How to make a fabric and wood cross for wall decoration.

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I have been seeing the burlap and wood cross idea floating around on Pinterest for a while and I ADORE them. You have a lot of flexibility with them- you can use fabric or ribbon, you can paint your wood whatever color you want, and you can add Bible verses or quotes.

The sky is your limit. It’s also a really simple project. I was able to make a couple of these in under 30 minutes, even while taking video and photos.

Supplies for a DIY Cross

  • Wood
  • Vintage Wood by Amy Howard: Better with Age, Salvaged Timber (I received this free to try at The Haven Conference and it’s ahhh-mazing).
  • Command Strips or D Rings
  • Fabric and/or Ribbon
  • Optional: Staple gun or glue gun

How to Make a Fabric Wrapped Wood Cross

These are so easy and so much fun to make. Check out the video tutorial below.

Start by painting or staining your wood board. You want your board to be taller than it is wide.


Once dry, you can apply poly or leave as is. I didn’t bother with poly, seeing this is a decor item.

If you’re using fabric, you don’t need to sew the edges. You do, however, need to cut your strips of fabric for the cross, then fold over the raw edges and iron them down. These won’t be seen.

I stapled the beginning of my fabric strip to the back of the wood to make this easier (no bulky knot in the back). Then I wrapped it around the front of the wood, stapling the other end to the opposite end.

Stapling fabric strips to the back of a piece of wood to make a cross.

I took a second strip of the same fabric and did the horizontal part of the cross.

Second strip of fabric being placed over the first to create a cross on wood.

While you may want to just do a knot in the back, keep in mind that you want this to lay flat against your wall so the staple gun is the best option.

Once I had both fabric strips crossing, I added a ribbon tie to the middle.

Tying a ribbon in the middle to make the cross shape over the wood.

I added Command Strips to the back of my wood for hanging the crosses. Love it? Pin it!

Tutorial for Wooden Cross Wall Decor


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