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How to Make a Reusable Bread Bag

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Dish Towels to Bread Bag!

How to sew a reusable bread bag. These make great gifts, particularly if you bake some bread to go with it! What a great, ecofriendly alternative to plastic bags.

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I love my new bread maker, but I don’t love using plastic bags to store my fresh bread. I wanted something reusable to put my bread in so I decided to try making some bags. They were SO easy. I used some dish towels that I got from the dollar store.

Now recording this video? Less easy. I decided to do it while my kids were home and with HILARIOUS results. But my face. Editing this was so much fun. My husband was dying. Do NOT miss the “outtakes” section at the end (7:23). Seriously. Best 3 minutes of your day, I promise.

Supplies for a Reusable Bread Bag

  • Kitchen towel
  • Sewing equipment
  • Ribbon/Elastic/Coordinating Fabric
  • Fresh bread!

How to Make a Reusable Bread Bag

Here is a quick and easy video tutorial… but scroll down below if you want the photo tutorial.


To begin, start with some dish towels from the Dollar Store. Fold them in half, right sides together.


Sewed a straight stitch up one long side and one short side.

Sewing a reusable bread bag from a dish cloth.

Turn right sides out.

Now you need to decide how you want your bag to close. You could leave it as is and just tie a ribbon around it to close it. You can add a casing with an elastic. You could make a casing with a drawstring.

Two options for making a closure on a reusable bread bag.

You could also sew a ribbon around the top of the bag… this was my favorite method. I made a coordinating strap, then sewed half of it to the back of the bag. Then I left it loose on the front so I could pull it tight to make a bow.

Ribbon to close a DIY bread bag.

Tied ribbon closing a reusable bread bag.

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Learn to Make this Easy Reusable Bread Bag!

Wondering if storing bread in a bag will keep it fresh? Here’s some articles that mention bread storage in fabric. We eat our fresh bread pretty fast so it’s not an issue.

Craftsy: How to Store Bread / 1840 Farm: The Best Way to Store Fresh Bread

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Thursday 15th of September 2016

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