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DIY Perfume: Making Dry Oil Perfume for an Easy Gift

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How to make your own DIY perfume using cyclomethicone, fractionated coconut oil,  and fragrance oil. 

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My friend Cari at Everything Pretty suggested DIY Perfume as a possible gift idea for my series. I thought this was brilliant and asked her if she’d be willing to share her process in a video.

This is such a neat gift idea and you can customize it with your favorite fragrance oils, a Cricut or Silhouette made label, and some fancy spray bottles so you’ll be ready to go for the holidays.

Check out the supply list on the Everything Pretty Dry Perfume DIY post!

How to Make Perfume

Thanks so much Cari for sharing this fabulous DIY!

Cari was born and raised in rural Ohio. She lives on a small farm with her family, two goats, and a flock of chickens. More than 10 years ago, she started making bath and beauty products and sold them online. After taking a hiatus to raise her children, she started blogging to share her knowledge with others. Now she’s the author of the popular beauty blog Everything Pretty that shares DIY beauty recipes, reviews, and other beauty tips. She has two books available on Amazon, Carrier Oils: A Beginner’s Guide and Bath Salts: 30 Easy Recipes for Fun or Profit

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