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DIY Fall Themed Balancing Wine Holder

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How to make a balancing wine holder using wood and some wood working tools.

Fall Themed Balancing Wine Holder

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Pure Bond provided the wood for this project and Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company provided the paint.

I won’t lie. This was sort of my, “I have this wood and need to do another one of these gift posts so let’s just combine the two” half-@$$ projects.

It was the VERY last 30 day grab & go gift series video that I was filming and I was exhausted. So we started to cut the wood. The edge got screwed up a bit. Ugh. I was irritated and thinking this would be junk. But I persevered. Painted it. Hated the color. Wiped the paint… then… OH! OHHHHH! It looks like a tree now! I LOVE IT! Haha… so I rolled with the tree theme and made this a fun Fall themed wine holder. I am SO glad I did. The end result is super cute.

The funniest part of this project was going to the local park to find acorns. I thought this would be a fun project with the kids because “Yay! Nature hunt!”

All I have to say is this. People. Pick up after your dogs. Because it’s apparently very difficult for an almost 3 year old to tell the difference between a pine cone and aged dog poop. LOL!


Supplies listed below may include affiliate links to the products.

  • Pure Bond: The wood cut is 3.5×10″
  • Something to cut your wood with. We used a miter saw and then we used a drill with a spade bit. Probably want to be like… 100x more careful than my husband was with his spade bit. Please.
  • Sand paper or a sander
  • Fall Leaves and Acorns (from the ground)
  • Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Driftwood and a wet rag
  • Optional: Wood burning kit, Carving kit

How to Build a Balancing Wine Holder

Cut the edges of your wood with a miter saw.

Using a miter saw to cut an angle in the wood so it will have something to balance on.

Drill your hole with a spade bit.

Spade bit to drill a hole in the wood. Be safer than this picture.

Test to make sure the wine bottle holder can balance the wine bottle properly. Then paint. Let dry.

Paint wine bottle holder and let dry.

Adding embellishment.

Add Fall embellishments like fake fall leaves and acorns. Use a glue gun or other sturdy glue.

This part made me giggle. I used a carving knife to carve this, then I went over it with my wood burner.

Use a carving knife to carve 'Wine + Me 4Eva' then fill in with a wood burning tool.

Here’s the more detailed tutorial, in video format.

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DIY Balancing Wine Holder

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