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How to Make Fruit Flavored Liquors

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How to make fruit infused liquors. Pictured: Peach Infused Liquor

How to make fruit flavored liquors. This is a quick and easy DIY project that makes a great gift! This particular recipe uses peaches, but you can substitute other fruits as well.

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I’m not much into liquor myself, but I love giving alcohol as gifts to people who drink. It’s consumable so it’s a nice gift that won’t gather dust at someone’s house. So fruit flavored liquor seemed like the perfect gift that would be fun and easy to make. Plus, I could use some pretty mason jars to gift it!

When I was looking for ideas for our excess peaches, peach infused liquor popped up and I was so excited to give it a try. Infused liquor is great for making cocktails with. From what I’ve read, vodka is easier to infuse, but I also tried some tequila.

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Supplies for Fruit Infused Liquor

  • Liquor (vodka may work best)
  • Fruit (I used peaches)
  • Mason jars

How to make Fruit Flavored Liquors

Gather your supplies.

Supplies for making fruit flavored liquors: peaches, mason jars, vodka or tequila.

Add your fruit to the empty, clean mason jar.

Add fruit to your mason jar.

Now cover the fruit with your liquor of choice. Vodka is supposed to work best.

Adding liquor to make fruit flavored liquors.

Let sit for a few days. Remove the fruit and debris. 



This post was inspired by 10 Awesome Ways to Preserve the WHOLE Peach by Nutritional Anarchy and The Complete Guide to DIY Flavored Liqours by NWEdible.

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How to make fruit flavored liquors for easy gifts.


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