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Get the Party Started with 7 Quick & Delicious Rum Chata Recipes!

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RumChata Recipes

Amazing rum chata recipes including: chai rum chata, rum chata root beer floats, rum chata cake, rum chata hot cocoa, pumpkin spice chata cocktail, and copycat rum chata. 

Rum chata is a really amazing, smooth liqueur that everybody seems to love. If you have tried it, you understand why it is so popular.

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What is Rum Chata?

One of my favorite liquors, Rum Chata, is strong enough to truly be an adult drink, but not knock you over strong like straight liquor.

Rum Chata is a cream rum based drink that works well in mixed drinks, but is smooth enough to enjoy on its own as a sipping drink.

One of the most popular mixed drinks featuring rum chat is a rum chata white russian, which is next on my list to try along with a rum chata coconut snowflake cocktail for coconut rum lovers!

These are some of my favorite rum chata drink ideas that I’ve created. Cheers!

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Easy Rum Chata Recipes

Our local liquor store has wine tastings and they often have a liquor to try as well. I tried Rum Chata there several years ago and loved it.

Usually I just sip it from a small glass and savor the taste, but I decided to give some recipes a try with my all time favorite liquor.

Try these cocktail recipes and let me know which is your favorite in the comments!

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I hope you enjoyed these yummy rum chata cocktail recipes. If you give any of them a try, let me know in the comments below.

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Easy recipes to make with Rum Chata, one of my favorite alcoholic beverages.
7 Easy Rum Chata Recipes

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Google Web Story: Rum Chata Recipes for the Holidays

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