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Rum Chata Pudding Popsicles

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I love Rum Chata… it is a liquor that is really smooth and has a lower alcohol content so it’s not as harsh as drinking other types of liquor. It’s great by itself or in recipes. It’s similar to a Kahlua in that it tastes milky. You could probably substitute Kahlua if that’s more to your taste.

I’ve been on a mission to make fun treats with Rum Chata because… why not… yum. I have a few recipes that I posted two years ago that have been very popular.

This time, I wanted to try popsicles. Popsicles probably aren’t a winter thing, but I love any type of fudge popsicle so I decided to try mixing some Rum Chata in pudding mix and freezing it for pudding Popsicles.

They. Are. Delightful.

Yay for adult popsicles.

To Make, mix:

Pour into molds immediately, freeze.

The molds pictured above are some my friend gave me, but I also made some in the molds pictured below. I strongly preferred using the push pop version for this recipe. You can eat them sooner… the other molds took longer to freeze and you can’t eat them when they’re still a little slushy. Slushy was yummy.

Just make sure to label them and put them where only the adults can reach.
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Added March 17, 2015: I tried a Copycat Rum Chata recipe that might work well with this if you don’t have Rum Chata on hand. Check it out: Copycat Rum Chata.

Sharing is caring!