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Basement Renovation: Basics

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The first stage of our basement room renovations.

We just had our basement room finished. We decided to hire a contractor because we had the money, but not the time. We knew we’d still want to do a lot of upgrades once the drywall was up so hiring someone for the first part of the project made sense.

I am SO EXCITED about this room. In some later posts, I’ll be sharing our built-in office updates.

Definitely sign up for my newsletter so you are kept in the loop about the ongoing project! Originally we were going to create standing desks (so ignore any references to standing desks in the video), but we had difficulty finding a way to do this project without spending a fortune on custom cabinets so instead they’re taller than normal desks and we can use a stool with them still.

However, I may booster up my computer at some point if I want to use it as a standing desk.Here are some progression pictures. We hired the company to frame, electric, drywall, and paint. I saved laminate floor installation for myself, as well as the built-ins, in order to save money (and because I wanted to do some of it myself).

Initial Progression

Photos of individual sections from start to almost finished.

Breaker wall.
Support Beam
Office Wall. Note the electrical outlets were installed higher up.
Easier to control the cable situation for the computers, out of
reach of the children.

Final Pictures
*Before office area and flooring was installed
White trim, ceiling, and underneath of bulkhead. The walls were Saybrook Sage HC-114 from Benjamin Moore, except the contractor got the matching color at Sherwin Williams. Wish I knew what the name was there.


  • Portfolio 8-Head Decorative Track Light
  • Olutron CL Digital Dimmer

A short video tour of the new room… kiddos are pretty excited, if you can’t tell!

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