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How to Make Concrete Candle Holders

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DIY Candle Holder

How to make a concrete candle holder with a silicone mold.

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The products used in this post were supplied by Buddy’s Artisan Mix.

I have been ITCHING to get my hands on some Buddy’s Artisan Mix and silicone molds after seeing it in action at the Haven Conference. They displayed a lot of different products that they’ve made with the cement and it was all SO cool. And really? Affordable. The silicone molds can be used over and over and over so you get a lot of use out of them. So I was so excited when Buddy’s offered to sponsor a couple of posts for my Grab & Go Gift Series.

Candles are AWESOME gifts and easy to make. For this particular tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your candle holder, but you can learn how to make soy candles too.


  • Concrete Mix
  • Silicone Molds (see a list of these below)
  • Red Oxide Coloring
  • Something to stir your mix with
  • Water
  • Crafting Apron to protect your clothes
  • Dust mask/gloves

Unfortunately, the company that makes the products that I used sold their business. Here are some possible alternative products that you can buy on Amazon to use:

Silicone Molds on Amazon

Here’s some choices for silicone molds that you can buy on Amazon now. These are pretty fun!

How to Make Concrete Candle Holders

Learn how to make one in the video below or scroll down for a photo tutorial.

These are just so easy.

I started with Buddy Rhode’s artisan concrete mix. It’s a much higher quality concrete than you get from the bags you use for landscaping. Unfortunately, the original links I used to the products ended up being turned into spammy links so I didn’t want to keep them in the post. I added some comparable items that you might be able to substitute in the supplies list.

I used the big red cups to stir my concrete mix up. I wanted something I could throw away. Check your recycling bin, I’m sure you’ll find something! Follow the instructions on your mix and add water per the instructions. Use a stirrer or spoon to mix. I did two cups- one for pink and one for the plain white that the mix comes in.

Cement mix for craft use, making concrete candle holders. These two are pink and white.

Once you have both mixed, you can pour the mixture into your silicone mold. I started with my white mix.

White concrete into a silicone mold for a DIY candle holder.

Then I added my pink mix on top. If I’d wanted to keep the colors separate, I should have let the white dry before adding the pink in.

Adding pink concrete mix for a DIY candle holder.

Because I added them right after each other, the pink dripped into the white a bit. I think it looks pretty but it’ll depend on what you want your DIY candle holder to look like.

Now you need to tap the mold to get out any air bubbles.

Tap silicone mold that's got the concrete mix in it to get air bubbles out.

Let dry.

Carefully remove from the mold… or rather, remove the mold from the DIY Candle Holder.

Removing hardened concrete from a silicone candle holder mold.

I can’t wait to experiment more with this. It’s a lot of fun and this concrete mix is so pretty.

You can pop a tea light in there or make your own soy candles inside it too!

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Learn how to make concrete candle holders quickly and easily. These make great gifts for family and friends.
concrete candle holders
Yield: 2 Candles

How To Make A Concrete Candle Holder With A Silicone Mold

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $15

Learn how to make a beautiful concrete candle holder using a silicone mold. Candles make great gifts and are easy to make.


  • Concrete Mix
  • Silicone Molds
  • Red Oxide Coloring
  • Water
  • Disposable cups


  • Mixing spoon or stirrer 
  • Dust mask/gloves
  • Crafting Apron 


  1. Follow the instructions for water to mix.
  2. Mix well and pour into the silicone mold.
  3. Tap the mold to remove any air bubbles.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Remove the mold from the candle holder.

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Monday 22nd of January 2018

Your video was great to follow! I've tried to use the links provided to purchase the concrete and molds but no links seem to be working. Please please update the links or let me know where to find the material - specifically molds.



Friday 9th of February 2018

Thanks! Their company doesn't seem to make them anymore. I think there are a couple of options on amazon (affil links):

You can also do a search for 'silicone molds for concrete'... I saw this pop up for ali express. Never ordered through them though... this store had a bunch:

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