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DIY Baby Shower Gifts

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Ideas for baby shower gifts that you can make! These easy handmade baby gifts are fun for mom and baby.

Handmade baby shower gifts that the mommy-to-be will love to receive! Learn how to make these creative baby gift ideas.

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Originally posted May 5, 2012. Updated 9/19/2019.

One of my favorite DIY gifts is the baby shower gift. It’s fun to create for a new baby and mother. Nothing says, “I’m part of your tribe” more than a thoughtful gift for the new family.

Obviously, if you have kids, you know that the best three baby shower gifts are a night nanny, a cleaning service, and meals for the first few weeks (years?) after the baby is born.

But seeing most of us don’t have the budget for night nannies, here are some crafty ideas!

Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Homemade gifts to make for a baby shower. These creative DIY gifts are the perfect gifts for the mom to be.

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The BEST homemade baby gifts to make for all of those upcoming baby showers!

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welcome baby gift basket

Tuesday 10th of March 2015

Thank you so much for the shout-out,Danielle!;) Lots of lovely ideas.We had a drop in friends/family having babies yet here of late,consistently appears to bring an alternate 'expecting baby' announcement.Probably the most treasured gifts I got at my baby showers were those that were handmade.Those are additionally the ones I've held on to in each child’s keepsake box.:)

~Anne Rivera.