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Easy to Sew Reversible Baby Romper Pattern

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Reversible baby romper in size 12-18 months.

This easy to sew reversible baby romper pattern is a fabulous project to start sewing apparel for your child. It uses woven fabric and is sold by The Scientific Seamstress.

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This reversible baby romper pattern is one of my first apparel projects. I made a 4th of July outfit with it, as well as my son’s 1st birthday Cat in the Hat outfit. I also made these using upcycled knit t-shirts too, although I think this works best for woven fabrics like cotton. It’s such an easy sew and very satisfying. The cotton fabrics have lasted through three children and my 3rd baby is now wearing the 4th of July outfit and it looks like new still. I am really impressed with how well it’s stood up over time… I think the fact that it’s reversible helps and woven seems to stand up pretty well.

Supplies for the Reversible Baby Romper

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Reversible Baby Romper Pattern

I love this pattern. The instructions are easy to follow and my only complaint is that the seam goes down the front and back of the romper and it’s hard to match seams. Or rather, *I* have a hard time matching seams.

I love the snaps and the easy access for diaper changes.

The rompers I’ve made have all been 12-18 month size. They have fit my sons well and usually last a pretty long time due to the extra space they have- they start to work well as shorts eventually! My one suggestion would be to add a small pocket to one side so you can hide a size tag inside the pocket. I had a miserable time trying to find a good spot to put a tag… and there ISN’T a good spot, unless you add a pocket.

This time, I made two rompers- one for my son and one for my friend’s baby. The one with the green interior is hers. I LOVE the green.

Reversible Winnie the Pooh romper with green interior. Photo of the leg, snapped up.

For my son, I made the interior Easter fabric because I knew he’d fit it for Easter (my friend’s baby wasn’t born yet at the time).

This is how the bottom unsnaps for the legs.

Easter fabric on one side of the reversible romper, Winnie the Pooh on the other. Leg unsnapped.

The ‘insides’ of the two rompers. Love them both! I ended up patching some fabric together in one or two places for the Easter interior because I didn’t have enough of it to get one good cut.

Green side of the Winnie the Pooh reversible romper.

Easter side of the reversible romper.

Here it is on my son… he’s only 8 months old in this photo, but my kids are tall and he was wearing 9-12 month clothes at this point. The length is better now that he’s 9.5 months old.

Baby wearing the reversible romper that I made in size 12-18 months. Winnie the Pooh fabric.


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Easy to sew reversible baby romper with sizes NB through 5T.


Reversible Baby Romper Pattern


reversible baby romper pattern  of
Yield: 1 Romper

Easy to Sew Reversible Baby Romper Pattern

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5-$10

Learn how to sew an adorable baby romper with this simple tutorial.


  • Snaps
  • Romper pattern
  • Cotton fabric


  • A Serger and Coverstitch Machine


  1. Follow the easy to follow instructions that are included with the baby romper pattern.
  2. Be sure to match up the front and back seams.
  3. Add a small pocket to one side so you can hide a size tag inside. 

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Betty Curry

Saturday 11th of May 2024

I can not get the link to the romper pattern to work it just has a blank page. Can you send it to my email and let me try it. I tried the link myself but it would not go any where just a blank page. Thank you, Betty

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