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Upcycled Teeshirt to Bib

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How to use an old teeshirt to make a bibDaddy B had this awesome old tshirt hanging around so I decided it HAD to be used, even if it was too icky for anything besides a bib. My bib isn’t perfectly shaped because it needed to be big enough to fit the whole design. I traced around a bib I already had and just added enough extra to the sides to fit the whole design. I used the coordinating color (blue) sleeves of the teeshirt for the neck part, adding a little bit extra to the bottom for a seam allowance for when I had to sewed the neck part to the main part of the bib. I faced my fabrics right sides out, sewed, left a small space to turn (the bottom of the neck pieces and the tops of the neck pieces in the bib portion), and then turned. You could get fancy and iron it. I didn’t because I am lazy.
I folded over the edges of my neck pieces and attached them to the main part of the bib (covering the raw edges on the bib), pinned, and sewed straight across to close it up. Then I top stitched the whole bib and added snaps for a closure. I had four layers of tshirt for the main part of the bib, but only two for the neck piece. I would recommend a thicker fabric, more layers of fabric, or reinforcing the snaps better for the neck piece, now that I’ve done it. 

How I upcycled an old teeshirt into a bib

And I’m done! It’s not my most perfect work as it’s a bit lopsided due to trying to make sure to squeeze the whole design onto the bib, but I like it and it’s a bib. Nobody cares because it’ll get super gross goo all over it!

Sharing is caring!