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How to Paint Pegboard

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I decided to paint some pegboard for above the changing table in the nursery. The second piece is for my sewing area, but I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.

We bought (2) 24×48″ pegboard and 1 qt of semi gloss Valspar paint in the dark gray I liked (the paint is paint + primer).

First I set up the pegboard on top of plastic sheets so I didn’t get paint everywhere. Then I used a paint brush to apply one coat of paint. If you don’t mind doing extra coats, going light on the paint is good so it doesn’t seep into the holes and block them. Some people said spray paint worked better, but we don’t have a spray painter so I opted for a regular brush.

This is the pegboard (still wet) after two coats. I went a little heavy on the paint for the 2nd layer which did result in some paint possibly clogging the holes, but I’m going to poke through them later if needed. I’m not terribly worried about it.

For his nursery, I bought some additional baskets and such on Amazon that are made for pegboard. I didn’t see anything similar at Lowes, although I notice some people get the pegs and then use regular baskets. I think these are a decent price though and I didn’t see a lot of purpose in buying everything separate. 

I really love the baskets, although I was hoping they’d be a little bigger. The biggest basket is the perfect size for disposable diapers. I have a couple long pegs that are perfect to hold clothes on there. There’s G’s birthday outfit on the left. Yay!

how to paint pegboard for the nursery

Sharing is caring!