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Bean Bags for Bean Bag Toss

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I found a bean bag toss game with Elmo at a consignment sale recently for $3, but it didn’t have any bean bags with it. I decided to buy it because I knew I’d have some leftover fabric from G’s birthday pants so I could easily make the bean bags myself. It’s a really easy project and for $3 you can’t lose for a easy party game.

To make it, I cut 5 x10″ strips, folded right sides together and pinned. Sew, leave a spot to turn, turn right sides out, iron. Top stitch, leaving the hole open. Fill with beans/sand/rice, using a siphon to decrease the mess. Sew up. Don’t catch your sewing needle on the rice/beans/sand because it’ll break. I used rice because I had them and I just used my judgement in terms of how much to fill them. It might be helpful to measure the amounts out and fill each with the same amount, but I didn’t bother. I just eyeballed it.

Here’s pictures of my process:

how to make your own bean bags for the bean bag toss

G really seemed to like this toy. He hid inside the main piece, and then when Daddy showed him how to throw the bean bags he got REALLY excited. All of a sudden there were bean bags flying in every direction. Haha. Awesome stuff.

Here’s the game with G playing with it:

Sharing is caring!