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Under Stairway Closet Makeover

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I’ve been hoarding junk under the steps in our basement and I decided to clean it out so we could do something fun in there.  Here’s how bad it was before… and then after I emptied and vacuumed it.

There’s no lighting in there so we may try to figure something clever out eventually, but we hung a couple of shelves to put some toys up out of the way, then put Baby G’s Sesame Street toy bin and his art desk inside. The shelf in the back has a rod so we decided that would be perfect to hang his dress up outfits on (although there’s only one hung up now). I think we could also use the pants hangers to hang up paintings to dry on there.

how to change under the stairway into a children's play area
These are some of the items pictured:


Sharing is caring!