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How to Sew a Crib Teething Guard

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How to make your own teething guard for crib

How to sew a crib teething guard that protects the rails of the crib from babies chewing on it.

Baby G’s new happy wake ups involve him pulling up to stand in the crib and sneaking some nibbles on the rails! I’ve been meaning to make a crib teething guard for a while, but it wasn’t necessary before. Now… yeah.

I found this tutorial on Things For Boys. It will do the trick, although I think I may need to tweak it a little so I have sections to cover three sides of the crib.

Supplies to Make Crib Rail Covers

How to Sew a Crib Rail Teething Guard


It’s not a complicated thing to make. I used one layer of flannel and one terrycloth (towels), made straps, and sewed it together. I finished by adding snaps to the straps. Mostly it’s turn and top stitch- pretty easy. Which means it’s a great beginner’s project.

Measuring out fabric for my particular crib. I didn’t iron the fabric as you can tell.


Rather than turn and topstitch, I chose to pin and pray. I just tucked the edges under and pinned together. I HATE turning small straps- virtually impossible.


It seemed to work out pretty well. I made 8 of these. I only sewed 4 straps, then cut them in half seeing they were long enough to make two out of.


My fabrics pinned right sides together, along with my straps. I  put the fabric up to the crib to see where to place the straps, then tucked a strap in at each spot with the unfinished edge of the strap sticking out of my fabric. When I sewed it all, I made sure to reinforce the straps by sewing over them a few times.
Snipped the corners, cut off excess fabric from my seam allowance. Turned and topstitched.  Then I just added the snaps… to do this, I laid the guard on top of the crib rails and made sure the straps were tight where I matched the snaps up. Way easier than measuring everything to figure it out.


I did these steps for all three sides. I didn’t make the straps even due to time constraints (I was supposed to be packing for our trip, teehee) and I sort of like the look.



You can see my book slings to the right of the crib here- I chose the matching fabric. I love using up old fabric. An excuse to buy more!

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How to sew easy crib rail covers to prevent a teething baby from damaging their wood crib.


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Friday 25th of May 2012

It was pretty easy. You can upcycle old towels too. :)

Kate @

Friday 25th of May 2012

Might need to do the teething guard very soon...!