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Serged Bibs

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how to use a serger to make easy bibs with crumb pocketsI decided to make a couple of bibs using my serger and some cute dinosaur Pul that I had bought. I added crumb pockets as well.

I cut a piece of Pul for the bib and cut a piece of Pul for the pocket. I serged the top of the pocket, then pinned the pocket in place on the bib and serged around the whole bib. After I finished, I added snaps so the bib can be closed.

For my serging, I used a rolled hem. It’s pretty decent practice for curves so mine isn’t quite perfect, but my skill at this is definitely improving. The Pul serged way more nicely than I anticipated with the shiny side down. 

how to make serged Pul bibs with a catch pocket

Sharing is caring!

Jean Krause

Monday 25th of March 2024

Hi Danielle, Your serged baby bibs are perfect. Did you use cotton or flannel? Also, please tell me what PUL is. I am not familiar with it. Thank you.