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Woodland Animal Nursery: Final Reveal

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Entrance to the nursery.

The final reveal of the woodland animal themed nursery that uses Michael Miller fabric and coordinating solids.

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Here the nursery is, in all its glory! I’m so excited. Of course, by the time I finished everything the nursery had been in use for several months. I really lost crafting momentum at the end of my pregnancy.

K’s crib is currently in our room so it’s not pictured. The bookshelf at the room entrance is fine for normal traffic in and out of the room, but it prevents me from moving the crib back and forth easily (we have a mini crib for K that’s very easy to move).

Large wall decal with a tree. Pegboard for nursery storage above the changing table. Cloth diaper storage on the wall. Book slings.

I have a bird cage in the corner (hanging) that I put greeting cards in that the kids receive. 

Woodland nursery from the other angle.
Wall art for nursery.

I know it’s been a very long time since I first started posting all of these pieces to my nursery makeover so feel free to look at all of the individual posts, as linked at the bottom of this post!

Exiting the nursery.
Little boy standing on the newly reupholstered rocking chair, next to the blackout curtains.
Woodland animal themed bedroom set for crib.
Owl decal above the bookshelves.

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