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How to Sew Custom Book Slings

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How to make your own book slings for nursery

How to sew book slings that coordinate with your nursery theme. This is an easy beginner’s sewing project to finish for your new baby!

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When I decorated the nursery for G, I made him some book slings as one of my first sewing projects. I’ve really enjoyed having them, but I wanted to make some new ones to match with our new nursery set and that fit a little bit better. The ones I made before weren’t as wide as I would have liked so I did my measurements for my brackets specifically. I’ve been trying to list the prices for what I spent on these projects, but I already had the brackets and this project doesn’t require very much fabric. I got away with using the remainder of my light gray and green fabric, as well as the extra print fabric I’d bought.

I don’t know the exact name, but I got the double rod in the bath section at IKEA. I don’t think it was more than $15 per double rod. All I did is measure how long the bar was and then add my seam allowance.


  • Small (top) Book Sling: 32″x22″
  • Large (bottom) Book Sling: 32″x30″ 

1. Iron and Cut fabric and place matching pieces right sides together. Pin.


2. Sew together with a 1/2″ seam allowance and leave a small area to turn your fabric.

3. Turn right sides out. Iron. Top stitch (I forgot, oops).



4. Turn your top and bottom over about 2″, pin, and iron. This will be where your rods feed through. 

5. Stitch closed. I used a triple stitch setting on my machine because I was hoping this would reinforce the seams better seeing there will be some weight in these. 



Final Product



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