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How to Make Art from a Book Dust Jacket: Such an EASY Project!

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Book Jacket Wall Art Craft: Using all of our favorite children's books to make decor for the playroom wall.

Ever wonder what to do with those loose covers that come with your favorite children’s books? This book jacket project uses the loose cover to create art for a playroom or nursery.

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I love love love books. In school, I was the kid who would sneak books to hide under my desk and read once I’d finished all my schoolwork. My teachers seemed pretty tolerant of it, and it was my “thing.”

My grandmother used to record stories on CD for me and I’d listen to them before bed. Every night. I helped out in the library during recess and lunch periods in middle school.

When it boils down to it, I spent a majority of my day engrossed in reading. Not much has changed, although I spend a lot of time these day reading things on the internet as well as books. I like absorbing information.

I’ve been eager to pass these magical worlds and the ability to have infinite information at your fingertips onto my kids. I absolutely love reading to them and before they were even born, I started recording books on audio book for them to have when they were older.

I’ve even recorded family members reading to the boys so they can have that to listen to as well. Our family is all long distance so it seemed like a sweet way to keep everyone connected. My grandma read to me as a girl via a cassette tape and that kept us connected across a distance.

Now loving books AND your children can come with some small challenges. Toddlers aren’t book friendly! Can I tell you how bummed I was the first times a book was ripped or spit up on or chewed on?!

I know they’re kids, but the books! The books!

While I couldn’t prevent ALL injuries to books, I tried to minimize the damage and removed all of the book jackets- they were redundant because the book’s hardcover had the same images and the kids were ripping the dust covers accidentally during handling.

They ended up on a shelf in the closet for months.

Finally I said enough is enough – I need to declutter a bit. I also needed more wall art for our basement playroom. So I put the two projects together and I LOVE the result.

Easy Book Jacket Upcycle Project


Supplies for making fabulous wall art from dust jackets of children's books!


I cut out my book jackets as I wanted them to appear on the canvas. You can recycle or compost the pieces you don’t use, or save the scraps for scrapbooking projects if you can use them.

Using a glue stick or mod podge, add a thin layer of glue to the back of the jackets and glue them onto the canvas. Let dry.

Once dry, use a layer of mod podge over your book jackets as a sealer. Press down firmly on areas that curl up.

Command strips are great for hanging these. Small ones seemed to work fine as the canvas panels aren’t heavy at all. I added my command strips to the backs and placed them how I wanted on the wall.

Very quick and easy project!

These are photos of the completed wall art … aren’t they GORGEOUS?! These are some of my sons’ favorite books. I also made a couple more that I haven’t hung up yet.

Dust jacket DIY project with children's books.
Display your favorite books as art with this easy craft that uses dust jackets!


Do you love reading too? What’s your favorite book?

Sharing is caring!

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