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How to Thread a Brother 1034D Serger

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How to thread a Brother serger.

How to thread a Brother Serger. This is instructions for how to thread the Brother 1034D.

I LOVE my Brother 1034D serger so much. It works great and from what I’ve heard, it threads easier than other affordable sergers on the market. That doesn’t mean it threads easily. It’s still more work than a normal sewing machine- and I don’t even like rethreading that. I tend to serge with the same color thread until I run out, but I have found a way to make this process a bit faster by adding labels.

Supplies to Thread a 1034D

Supplies listed below may include affiliate links to the products.

  • Labels and label maker
  • Brother 1034D Serger
  • Set of tweezers if your machine didn’t come with one.
  • Serger Thread: 4 cones, whatever color you want to use. I prefer to keep at least 4 black and 4 white on hand at all times.

How to Thread a 1034D Serger

First, I labeled my threads in the order they need to be threaded. There are labels to follow on the inside of the case in terms of where to thread each, but not for the order. I find it helpful so I don’t need to consult my manual or video every time I need to thread my machine.

Now I just go in order from 1-4 and follow the instructions on the case- very easy. You can see the video below for more information. The first video was an older video I did, but the second video shows better close up video of the process. Scroll down below if you want to just see photos of the threading process.

Make sure you have your machine unplugged while threading the serger… it’d be a sad day if you accidentally turned the machine on while threading. I use tweezers to feed my thread through too.

Threading the Upper Looper

Here’s the upper looper after having been threaded. You can follow the colored line that matches the dial for the upper looper. Make sure to release the tension when pulling your thread through by pushing the ‘button’ at the top of the machine to the right. The photo below shows pretty good detail on the thread going through the machine… the last thing threaded is the sickle looking piece (the upper looper).

How to thread the upper looper on the Brother 1034D


Threading the Lower Looper

The lower looper is probably the most complicated to thread. It’s still fairly easy, but I did find the white tab portion hard to figure out initially.

Here’s the first part… again, you’re following the colored lines that match the dial. Make sure- again- to release the tension.

Threading the lower looper on a Brother 1034D Photo 1

This is the hard part… you need to pull that white tab piece out to the right. Your thread slides behind it… there’s not a really obvious place it goes, in my opinion… but it just snuggles behind the metal edge which sort of catches it, then you slide the tab back in.

Threading the lower looper- pull the white tab piece out.

Once the thread is through that, you just need to pull it through the lower looper… it’s… lower… than the upper looper. Shocker, right? There’s a little hole you pull the thread through.

Brother 1034D: Lower Looper Threading

How to Thread the Serger Needles

These are threaded just as you would expect. You do #3 first- the right needle- then do the left needle.

Quick Serger Threading Tips

Here’s a quick rundown on serger threading.

  • Don’t get your fingers near the blade. Thread with the machine unplugged and use tweezers to help guide the thread through.
  • Make sure to thread in the correct order.
  • If a thread or needle breaks, you need to thread the machine over.
  • Make sure to use the correct needles for your machine.
  • Buy good quality thread for your serger. I have never had issues with the Maxilock cones.
  • There are tabs at the top that can be pushed to the side to release the tension. Do this when you pull thread through. Not doing this can cause issues.

Be careful not to run over needles or anything else with your blade on the serger once it’s in use. I like to keep spare blades on hand. They’re pretty easy to swap out.

How to Store Serger Thread

Here’s how I store my serger thread. How do you store yours?

How to store serger thread.

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How t o Thread a Brother 1034D Serger

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How to Thread a Brother 1034D Serger

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Michelle R Alverio

Thursday 30th of August 2018

Okay. Thanks. I will do that. I have 28 Newsies bags to make this weekend out of duck canvas. I really would like to have it to do the seams to cut down on sewing time.


Friday 31st of August 2018

Good luck! Sergers are so much easier.


Thursday 30th of August 2018

Hmm is the tension off? I think I use a 4 for most projects I do. If it's not off and you're not sewing thru something weird like leather, then I'd contact Brother. They have a Facebook group for their 1034D which is helpful because you can post a video of problem and people help, but their customer service phone line is really helpful too. I used the wrong thread in my embroidery machine and they immediately diagnosed the issue.

Michelle R Alverio

Thursday 30th of August 2018

Yes. It is breaking right at the part where you slide the thing to the right and put the thread behind it.

Michelle R Alverio

Thursday 30th of August 2018

I have threaded my machine following the directions. It will sew about 6 inches correctly and then the lower looper thread breaks. It looks like it is catching on something. I can’t figure out if there is some lent or something catching it. Any suggestions? I really need to use it this weekend!

Also, what needles do you recommend?


Thursday 30th of August 2018

Did you push your tabs to the side when you were threading it? :)

Renz HomemadeZagat

Thursday 18th of February 2016

I was looking at one of these in Walmart this week. Really contemplating getting a machine. Remembered our days as kids struggling with our mom's serger.. lol