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Long Distance Family: Keeping Kids Connected

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how to keep children connected with long distance family members

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, I have been recording books on “CD” for my 2 year old, G, to listen to at night to help him sleep. My grandma did that for me when I was a kid and it was nice to feel connected to her, even though we were long distance. So now I’m trying to record family reading his board books to him as well when they visit. My mom and brother are up this weekend so I’ve been sneaking my phone out to record them reading whenever an opportunity arises. I feel like the audio version of the paparazzi.

I am probably unnecessarily focused on making sure my kids have strong ties to family despite the long distance factor, but I just think family is so important and whatever we can do to keep them connected is awesome. I’m hoping to hit up other family members as we see them, now that I’ve figured out how to record so easily on my iPhone.

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Sharing is caring!