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Mini Crib Changing Station

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how to make your own mini crib changing stationWe have a DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib that we use for Baby K next to our bed, but really we’ve been using it mostly to change his diaper in as it’s high enough to keep us from killing our backs leaning over it. I’ve been keeping a lot of diaper supplies inside the crib which isn’t my preference so I’ve been trying to organize things better as I anticipate we’ll eventually transition him more and more into his crib as he gets older. I made this for the “foot” of his crib because I know there’s probably some safety concerns with hanging something like this on the crib, even though it’s on the outside.

I did use my serger for a LOT of this. I think most of it would’ve been better done if it’d been turned and topstitched, but I really wanted to serge it!


  • Front Fabric and Back Fabric: 23.5″w x28″h
  • 8 Straps (or ribbon) for the top, 4 for the bottom. They need to be long enough so they can be tied together.
  • Pockets: Front and Back Fabric Cut 23.5″w x the height of the pockets (your decision on the height).

I serged together the front and back of each pocket. I serged a rolled hem for the top 8 straps. I decided to just use some white ribbon for the bottom 4 straps.  
I took my fabrics and pinned them together as I wanted to have them end up in the end, pinning everything together. Then I serged down each long edge.  Not as pretty as turning and topstitching, but I was excited about the serger, ha. Once I did this, I realized I couldn’t serge the top and bottom because the straps needed to go on. I flipped the whole thing inside out (right sides together) and pinned the straps inside. Then I sewed a straight stitch across the top, then across the bottom- leaving a section to turn it back right sides out in the very bottom middle.

Turned right sides out, top stitched. Topstitched the pockets on and the divisions for the pockets. Then I just tied it all onto the crib. I was pretty pleased with the finished product and it matches his room.

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Sharing is caring!