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Embroidered Cloth Diapers

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I needed to use up some of my plain Pul and I have been rather envious of some of the neat designs I’ve seen for embroidered diapers so I decided to give this a whirl!

I used this tutorial and it was a fairly simple process. Intimidating to start on, but not as hard as I anticipated. My embroidery machine still intimidates the heck out of me though! Now I just need to find some great embroidery designs so I can make more! There’s no such thing as too many cute cloth diapers?

Here’s some pictures from the process:

I like how easy it is to flip the back pieces over to sew them up to ensure the diaper won’t leak. Just make sure your scrap piece is big enough to do this with. My second attempt was almost too small.

After finishing up the instructions on the tutorial for the embroidery, you just sew your diaper how you would normally. No big deal. I added these two to the large pile of XL diapers I was trying to finish.
Here they are, finished!
“Breastfeeding is a Work of Heart”

Gosh it’s hard to get him to sit still to model diapers.
Dino Diaper

And here’s another two (non embroidered) I finished at the same time:

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Sharing is caring!


Tuesday 17th of September 2013

So the scrap piece that's behind the embroidery is folded over and sewed to itself. That locks in the embroidery area but the sewing doesn't show up on the outside. You just gotta make sure that the scrap piece is big enough to not scrunch everything up once sewed together.

Does that make sense? So far no issues with leaking.


Tuesday 17th of September 2013

I'm a total novice so please excuse that... I've often wondered about embroidered diapers and how they don't leak.

I see you pulled a piece over the embroidered area and sewed it... But I don't see stitching around the embroidered area on the outside of the diaper? What am I missing? :) Thanks in advance. And please excuse my newbness!! (love your blog!)