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How to Make an Easy Braided Dog Toy

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Save money, make your own dog toys!

How to make an easy braided dog toy using scrap fleece.

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Now that we have made all of these great human gifts, we need to make something for the pups! We can’t forget Fido, right?! My dogs always get the last minute gifts in our family, but I need to start remembering to make them a little something each Christmas for under the tree… because honestly?

I feel a bit guilty when we all open presents and they get one dog bone that I picked up last minute at the grocery store while in search of egg nog.

So today we’re going to look at an easy DIY gift for your dogs using scrap fleece fabric!

Don’t judge me. I used some extra Frozen fabric that I had laying around. Yes, my dog ate Elsa. Yes, I got a tiny bit of joy from this all. No, he won’t “let it go” when I try to take the toy from him. Bahaha.

Just keep in mind that these toys should be for supervised play so they don’t swallow the fibers!

Supplies for a Braided Dog Tug Toy

  • Fleece fabric
  • Scissors

How to Make an Easy No Sew Dog Toy

Check out this video that shows you how to make it or scroll down for the photo instructions.


This is such a simple project that it really doesn’t deserve a photo tutorial.


Start with 3 or more strips of fleece fabric. If you’re not great at braiding, you’ll wait to use 3 strips only. I used a clamp to hold the ends to my table so I could braid.

Use three or more strips of fleece fabric to make this dog tug toy.

Braid until you’re finished. Tie a knot in each end or sew them closed.

Braided fleece fabric for a dog tug toy.


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How to make an easy dog toy from scrap fleece.

Easy gift ideas to make:

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