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15+ Zero Waste Products to Swap for Low-Waste Living

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15+ products that you can swap out for zero waste living.

Here are some easy product swaps for low-waste living. Pick the products that work best for you!

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Product swaps are MY FAVORITE. I’m always looking for fun and easy things to swap out in our daily routine that reduce our environmental impact AND help us save money.

We’ve discovered quite a few over the years and here is a list WITH my opinions on which ones make the biggest impact…. as well as which ones are the hardest to commit to!

Product Swaps for Low Waste Living

Here are the pro's and con's to these product swaps for low waste living. SWAP THESE ITEMS for their disposable counterparts.

Menstrual Cups for Tampons

Many people swear by menstrual cups as a reusable, washable alternative to tampons. You'll save money long term (ugh menstrual products are NOT cheap) and save yourself a ton of garbage.

Buy a set of two menstrual cups on Amazon to try them. Don't forget to get a steamer to sterilize your cups!

Mama Cloth for Disposable Pads

Disposable pads are uncomfortable and can cause health issues for many women. Mama cloth is an alternative. These fabric pads can be washed and reused. They snap around your underwear, similar to how a pad would stick on, to hold them in place.

Buy a set of mama cloth on Amazon.

Handkerchief for Tissue

This is definitely a forgotten favorite of mine. Handkerchiefs should have never gone out of style! They're not as drying as paper tissue and I've found that if I wet a piece of flannel, it feels a bit like humidifying my nose when I'm sick.

Buy handkerchiefs on Amazon

Beeswax Sandwich Wraps instead of Ziplock Bags

These are a great alternative to plastic bags and they're easy to diy.

Buy beeswax on Amazon

Reusable Snack Bags for Ziplock Bags

Make or buy some reusable snack bags to replace Ziplock bags. You'll save a TON of money!

I wish I could say I was the PERFECT eco-warrior; I’m not. But I try REALLY HARD. We’ve reduced how much garbage we make by a LOT over the past eight years.

Some products, like cloth diapers, save me a lot of money. Others, like the bidet sprayer, I use because I like how they work. And some do both- like using dish cloths and cloth menstrual pads.

We’ve made some other changes too- using a compost bin makes a HUGE impact on how much garbage we make.

Which products have you already tried? What’s your favorite? Do you use ecofriendly products because you want to help the environment, to save money, or both? Leave me a comment below!

Don’t forget to pick up my book on ecofriendly products and how to sew them! I cover cloth diapers and a TON of other products too!

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15+ product swap ideas for low waste living.

No Waste Products

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