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How to Make Washable Mats for Fridge Shelves

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This tutorial will cover how to make easy, reusable, and washable refrigerator mats using PUL fabric. This is a great way to use extra PUL if you have some laying around from making cloth diapers. It's also a great item to make to help make cleaning your refrigerator fast and easy. I found having two sets to be perfect for easily swapping out liners on cleaning day.

How to make fridge shelf mats. These washable liners are great to make cleaning the refrigerator fast and easy. All you need to make them is some fabric and scissors!

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I was so proud of myself the other day because my fridge was long overdue for a cleaning and I lined each shelf after with plastic wrap for easy cleanup next time around. Beautiful huh?

I did run out of plastic wrap in the process. It got me thinking that I’ve been using a lot of plastic wrap doing this and that a reusable option would be GREAT.

Supplies for Fridge Mats

I have a LONG post about PUL fabric (polyurthane laminate) if you’re interested.

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How to Make Washable Refrigerator Liners

These turned out VERY cute because my PUL is adorable and I had some extra penguin PUL that seemed very appropriate for a refrigerator. I love these so much.

Here’s a video showing them:

Sewing Refrigerator Shelf Liners

To make these I just measured the shelf and added a small seam allowance.

Refrigerator without the liners.

Then I serged around the edges to give them a finished look.

I only made the liner to cover the glass part of the shelf. In my case, the shelf was 13.75″ deep and 14.75″ across.

I cut a piece of fabric that was 14.25″ deep and 15.25″ across.

If you have directional fabric, make sure the fabric is facing the right direction so you design is facing you when you open fridge.

No Serger? You can just zig zag the edges.

No Sew Fridge Mats

You may not need to serge the edges as Pul doesn’t really fray (to my knowledge anyways). Just don’t add a seam allowance when you cut if you don’t want to sew it.

Essentially, cut your fabric the exact same size as your fridge shelf and you’re done.

Installing Refrigerator Mats

To put these on your shelves, just wipe down the shelves with a wet sponge and DO NOT DRY. You want it a little moist so the Pul will “stick” (same thing with plastic wrap).

Alternatively you can just lightly wet the back of the Pul like I did, seeing I was removing plastic wrap from a very clean fridge. Then you just stick your liner on the shelf! All done.

SO EASY. And way cuter than I expected.   The cheapest way to do this is to get the cheaper plain Pul fabric. Pul with designs costs more. Bummer, right? But I think it’s worth spending the extra money for the cute designs because it’s fun and decorative, and there’s not too many other ways to make a refrigerator more pleasing to the eye.

Note that not all PUL is certified to be food safe. I’m not worried about it in this case because:

  1. I don’t sell.
  2. I personally think PUL is as safe as anything else I use… I’m not concerned.
  3. I don’t generally sit food directly on top of the shelf. It’s usually in some type of container. 

That said, they do sell food safe Pul if you’re worried. I’ll probably make another set of these eventually.  

Refrigerator liners that I made with PUL.
Fridge mat installed on an empty shelf.
Refrigerator with the thin liners placed. Food on top.
Picture of refrigerator liners in a refrigerator.

Mats for Fridge Shelves

How To Make Washable Mats For Fridge Shelves
Yield: 1 Shelf Mat

How To Make Washable Mats For Fridge Shelves

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5-$10

All you need to make these washable liners are fabric and scissors. They are great to make cleaning the refrigerator fast and easy.




  1. Measure the fridge shelf.
  2. Add a small seam allowance.
  3. Serge around the edges to give them a finished look.

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