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Throw Pillows

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How to made easy pillowcases for throw pillows.

Recently we upgraded couches in our living area to some black faux leather couches and I wanted some throw pillows to really help bring the space together. I made some throw pillows way back when I was making my couch cover, but they’re red and a bit smaller than I’ve liked so I decided to move those down onto the old couch in the basement. Feel free to check out my original post to see them.

For these pillows, I wanted them to be a bit larger. I ordered four 18×18″ pillow forms… I’ve tried to stuff my own but they never come out even so I prefer to buy the pre-stuffed pillow forms. It’s way easier and looks better in my opinion. And it’s easy enough to customize them with my own fabrics for a cover.

For my fabric, I cut:

  • Front Fabric: 19×19″
  • Back Fabric: 2 cuts of 12″x19″

You’ll need fabric, a sewing machine, scissors, thread, etc. I used a serger to finish my edges on the fabric, but you could also do a zig zag stitch if you only have a regular sewing machine. You could probably get away with not zig zag/serging the edges, depending on your fabric. I used upholstery fabric which I find tends to fray easily when not serged.

This is an easy project once you see how it works so check out my video below for further instructions.

Here’s the pillows once they were altogether!

Sharing is caring!