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Cleaning with a Steam Mop

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Using my new Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop to clean my house- awesome!

I wanted to write a quick post about my new toy because I’m kind of excited. I feel like a total 1950’s housewife… but I really detest cleaning and I LOVE electronics so this is more some dorky stay-at-home mom fun.

We’ve been using a Swiffer forever… the old ones … and I made these reusable pads for them and made my own floor spray. It worked, but that thing was pretty beat up. My husband suggested something new and I saw these. There’s several different brands, but this is the one that I purchased.

I’m pretty happy with it, even though it can’t miraculously pick up all the little things that stick to my floor… some cleaning just requires hard work unfortunately.

But my floors look beautiful and my oldest son really likes using it. I imagine we will have very clean floors all the time, based on his reaction.

These are the things that I like:

Here’s a video of it in action:

I discovered that if I push the front of the mop against the sides of the walls, and drag it across, it cleans right up close to the floor board. The rim of dust that collects on top of the floor board? I pick up the mop and run it across that too- it works although it’s a bit unwieldy.

I got so excited over this mop after using it for a week that I bought a handheld steamer too.  It was $35 on sale. It can clean countertops!!! And also curtains, mattresses (to get stains out!), clothes, couches, etc. Grout! Gosh. I need it all! Again- chemical free. And apparently steam is effective at cleaning bacteria so this makes me super happy. Since taking over cleaning duties from the maid service we fired, I’ve been getting awful headaches every time I clean from all the chemicals. Glad I’ve got another option now. We’ll see if it’s faster or not (the mop is, not sure about this… I might get a little too thorough with it).

I wasn’t compensated for writing this post and wanted to write it as something that might be helpful for my readers. The links above, however, are affiliate ads and if you click on them to make your purchase then you help support my blog. That is really helpful and wonderful so thank you!
Anyone else jumped on the steam cleaning bandwagon?

Sharing is caring!