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Moving a raised garden bed

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How to move your raised garden beds.

I was a bit concerned if this task was possible when I first started it, but we’ve discovered that having the raised garden bed right next to the neighbor’s fence is a tragic mistake so I was pretty desperate. The neighbor probably mows or weed whacks one or two times each year so it’s a jungle in there- and the jungle grows through the fence into my garden. It’s very difficult (impossible) to weed whack without getting my plants and it’s hard to pull them as weeds when the weed itself is on the other side of the fence.

My husband purchased these raised garden beds two years ago for Mother’s Day. You can check out the exact ones via the affiliate link below and help support my blog.

They work great and they went together very easy. To move them, it was just a matter of moving the soil, unscrewing the caps on them, removing each board, moving and setting up the beds again. Of course you want to dig up grass or use cardboard and/or landscape fabric to lay down under your new beds to prevent weeds. I make that sound easy huh? It really was, it’s just a lot of extra work so it’s better to put your beds in the right place to begin with!

I was able to just put one garden bed worth of soil on a tarp, then move the first box… Then I used soil from next box to fill first box and so on.

I left just enough area between box and fence so my husband can run through it with his mower. My thought is to put down landscape fabric there as well and cover with rock or mulch.

Actually I’m tempted to just landscape this whole area so there’s no grass. Any clever ideas for what I should use?

Sharing is caring!

Marcio Wilges

Thursday 25th of June 2015

I have a crazy idea to find a jungle-garden and execute a weed whacking and removals project! I mean, having to look and scour for tiny weed patches is one thing, but razing a garden to the ground because it's overgrown would be EPIC!