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The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part VII: Raised Garden Beds

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These are the wonderful raised garden beds that Daddy B and my brother got me for Mother’s Day. They went to the store and picked out the materials to make some themselves, but found these at the store… my brother thought it might be close to the same price and easier to get these. They were SUPER easy to put together. They got me two 4×8′ kits.

Some layouts mentioned. I actually did 5 boxes from 2 sets

because I connected them all lengthwise and made only one a tall box.

These are how they assemble… they slide together easily (it’s kind of fun to build them!), then you screw in the top to each post.

Here’s some photos of us at work on filling them. I’ll post more about that another time!

These are cool too because they sell 4×4 kits that can easily be added on for future years. I love that.

Sharing is caring!