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Learning on the Go: Part I {Map}

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Using maps to play and learn.

I have a hard time getting my oldest son, G, to focus at times when we are at home. He’s a very active 3 year old. Sometimes I find that the best time to learn is when we are out doing mundane chores. The grocery store and talking to him while we are driving are generally good opportunities for learning.

While driving, his recent interests have included finding all of the construction vehicles and naming them, pointing out bridges, and I’ve also been counting with him (having him repeat numbers). We talk about the bridges, ie. “we are UNDER the bridge” or “we are OVER the river!” And I have him count things that we see. He knows when we are turning onto “our road” now so I repeat the name of the road we are on a LOT because I feel it’s good for him to learn this. We talk about green means go and red means stop.

He’s also very interested in maps. He likes to hold a map (or gps on phone) when we are driving.

Honestly I find the car time to be a great time for learning because he’s strapped down in a car seat and it’s one of the few times I’ve got his undivided attention.

This is the laminator that my husband got me and it goes on sale here and there which is nice. It’s a good idea to pick up some pouches as well because this came with only two pouches which STINKS when you’re just so excited to get going on projects. I use 5 mil for thicker items and 3 mil for regular paper.

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To make the map, we took an old map of Maryland and I found our town on it, circled it, then cut a piece out that would fit in the laminating pouch. I cut another same sized piece for the back (this was a closer up view from the map). Then I cut out the “Maryland” title to add on. I glued the two large pieces together so they wouldn’t move during lamination, and glued the Maryland title to top left. Then I laminated.

I also will be printing a map that’s a close up of our road and area so he can see where we go.

I hope you liked my post. If you’re interested in another on the go activity, check out the second part to this post, Learning on the Go, Part II {Grocery List}.

Sharing is caring!