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Great Gifts for Grandparents Who Have Everything 2022

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Sentimental gifts for the grandparent who has everything.

Gifts for grandparents who have everything. Ideas for gifts for grandma or grandpa for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more. These gifts would also be perfect for parents too!

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Do you have grandparents who have everything they could ever want? It’s SO HARD to buy for them! It’s tough when you want to get them something meaningful, but can’t find something that won’t just clutter up their homes.

I know my parents are both trying to cut down on what they have so I try to be careful to only send them things they want or can use. Every year I try to think of new and unique ideas for them. Sometimes I buy the items, sometimes I make them.

Here are some of my top pick gifts for grandparents who have everything. They’re separated into different categories so you can find something you know they’ll love, whether they sentimental, enjoy unique ideas, or want something to make them laugh.

Thoughtful Gifts For Grandparents

Sentimental and thoughtful gift ideas for grandma and grandpa. These are the gifts that let them know you're thinking of them.

Grandparent Journals

These "Grandpa Tell Me Your Memories" and Grandma Tell Me Your Memories journals are really cool. They’re guided journals so they give grandma or grandpa some fun questions to answer about their lives. Eventually they could be passed down to the grand kids. This is something I wish my grandma had done for us, but her sister wrote a book, which I own, about their lives growing up- so it’s almost the same thing.

It’s so neat to read about how another generation was raised, the trouble they got into, their joys, and their pains.

Family Portraits with the Grandparents

If you live near the grandparents, arrange to have a professional photographer take photos of them with the grand kids. This is such a special gift. You can get the photos printed or put on mugs and other items for gifts.

Live in Maryland? My friend Jody takes BEAUTIFUL photos. She runs Jody McKinley Photography in Howard County, MD (Columbia).Even though I have a camera, I love to have her take family photos at least once a year because otherwise I never get in the pictures! Really it’s worth hiring someone.

You can also take your own photos and get prints made up too. Here are some pictures that I took for my husband, dad, and father-in-law one yearsome information on the DSLR camera that I used for a while to make photography better/easier (although today’s phones take pretty amazing photos too), and you can try Bluprint (Get 50% Off Your 1st 3 Months) and take lots of Online Photography Classes if you want to learn how to take fabulous photos.

Unique Gift Ideas

Here are some unique gift ideas that you might not think of! These ones are perfect for the quirky grandma or grandpa who likes to be impressed by something new.

Classes to Try Something New

Sign them up for a class to learn something new. Maybe dance lessons, yoga, or a chess club?

Homemade Gifts for Grandparents

Homemade gifts you can make for grandma and grandpa. These DIY and crafty gifts are lovely, personalized gift ideas that they'll adore.

Photo Frames:

Newly pregnant or just had a baby? These are cute frames for showing ultrasound scans!

Grandmas are mommies with frosting sign

I LOVE this “Grandmas are mommies with frosting” sign on Etsy.

Customized End Grain Cutting Boards

This company on Etsy makes gorgeous end grain cutting boards. I LOVE these.

Frames for Long Distance Grandparents

Are the grandparents long distance? These frames are cute if you’re not in the same state as grandma and/or grandpa.

Personalized Hammer

Customize a hammer for Grandma or Grandpa.

Sound Wave Art

This Sound Wave art print can show sound waves from multiple grandchildren. It’s SO pretty too.

List of Grandchildren Signs

These are fun signs for grandparents that list each grandchild and their birthday.

Air Purifier

If they have allergies or pets, you could get them an air purifier for their bedroom or pet area.

Specialized Shower Head

A specialized shower head would be a nice comfort item, particularly if you do the install for them.

Card Playing Gear

Do they play cards? My grandma used to play cards every week with her friends after she retired from her long term gig as a lunch lady. She would have loved an automatic card shuffler. Along the same lines, a card holder would be a fun gift too. You could even customize it.

A specialty coffee machine.

We LOVE our Shark Ninja coffee maker. It’s NOT a single cup machine so there’s no waste or extra expense, but you make coffee the old fashioned way- just fancier.

Don’t Forget the Greeting Cards

Don’t forget a card! I’ve got a couple nice cards I’ve made. The photo cards I made for Christmas, but you could make your own photo cards for other holidays as well.

The best cards are always the ones with a sweet handwritten message.

Cards for Everyone | Father’s Day Cards | Photo Cards

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Gifts for grandparents who have everything.

Gift ideas for seniors who have everything.

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